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-Chibi Ashi-'s Journal

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Sunday, December 9th, 2001
4:47 pm
*giggles* just posted gundam icons in >> iconaddicts. lots of kawaii ones. ^-^ i hope _hikari likes 'em.

*mwa* going to a Christmad play thing at some church tonight. *blah* i really don't wanna go my mommy is making me. YUCK. i gotta watch people sing and act really badly for an hour and a half. ;_; hmmm...

current mood: cranky
2:57 am
once again not hitting the hay till 3:00 am, and i'm seepy. ^o^; *yawn*

i must go sleep now, before i fall over and drool all over my keyboard. ^-^v good night, sleep tight. love to friends. peace to everyone.

current mood: sleepy
1:35 am - icon-ee-good-ness
icons made for :: lashout85
no stealing! - if you want me to make you an icon, im me on AIM or email or comment to me and if i time, i will make you the icon you request. i'm not a computer graphic specialist, leave that crap to the professionals... but things like this, i can do. ^-^; just lemme know if ya want me to make ya one. ^-~ ja.

see the iconsCollapse )

current mood: awake
Saturday, December 8th, 2001
7:26 pm
join my new community please! animewhore
and invite yur friends! ^-~ arigatou!

current mood: happy
6:24 pm
wow. i'm hungry. mom and dad are still at the computer show and grandma's behind me watching TVland, the Munsters. stupid show.

I've been doodling some anime sketches and trying to get my scanner to work. it doesn't like me much though. i'll try a bit harder and hopefully i can scan a few of my crappy sketches and pictures.

mom said she was going to buy me some Angel Sanctuary things for christmas. i can't wait, so my favorite anime. and i told her i liked digi charat too and she said she'd look into it.

i <3 my diet dr. pepper

i have grandma duty tonight, but i get paid for doing it. so thats okay, and i doubt we're going to church in the morning cause mom wants to start her christmas shopping. mom said on the phone she's making pancakes and eggs for dinner. whee! ^-^

time to go. ja ne.

current mood: hungry
3:00 am
finished with the layout. like? no?
hmm, time for sleepies. goodnight.

current mood: sleepy
1:47 am
:giggle: my first official post! whipee! :dance: oh happy joy. anyway. i'm working on getting my icons made and junk and finishing my wonderous layout. add me as a friend if you'd like. Ja.

- Ashi -

current mood: amused

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